Women’s Circle

A New Monthly Women’s Circle Sunday, April 10th 1:30-3pm Heartwood Center 1818 Dempster St. in the Meditation Room By donation We live in a fast-paced society with endless opportunities for personal, professional, and spiritual growth. How can we listen to what the energy of the moment is asking of us, to soften and rise within our […]

5 Elements with the Chicago Public Library – Free Online Event

Learn the 5 Elements of Chinese Medicine! The 5 Elements - Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, and Wood - are manifestations of the changing energy that permeate all of life within our own body and mind and throughout all of nature. This model of understanding the movement of life is derived from ancient Chinese sages who […]

The Enlightened Feminine Women’s Circle

Heartwood Center 1818 Dempster St, Evanston, IL, United States

We are delighted to have you for another monthly gathering. Whether it's releasing old patterns that no longer serve, elevating to your highest wisdom, revealing your own heart's inner knowing, let's gather together to hold space for one another, through deep listening and open hearts in our sacred sister's circle. We are all learning and […]

The Power of Letting Go: Autumn’s Embrace

Heartwood Center 1818 Dempster St, Evanston, IL, United States

5 Elements Online Workshop   The Power of Letting Go:  Autumn’s Embrace  Online 5-Element Workshop with Katarina Stanisavljevic, CP, LMT   The seasons have teachings for us, if we have the wisdom enough to listen. Tuning into Nature’s rhythm, we can find answers to life’s meaningful questions. How do we move and adapt with the […]

Turning Inward: Winter Water Element Workshop


5 Elements Online Workshop Turning Within: Winter Water Element  Online 5-Element Workshop with Katarina Stanisavljevic, CP, LMT Need a meditative way to prepare for the holidays? Want to begin the new year in a state of clarity and peace? Curious to explore the natural elements that reside within us and all around us? Winter is […]

Spring Wood Element Workshop


What seeds will you plant in the nourishing soil of your heart? What is your vision for growth? How will you spread your branches wide and blossom? The Wood element, according to Traditional Chinese Medicine, is often regarded as the military general, or in modern terms, the CEO. Its energy is visionary, decisive and commanding. […]


Practicing Presence: The Heart of Fire

Practice presence and experience the Fire element firsthand in this dynamic workshop. We are nature and embody each of the elements. According to Chinese Medicine, the energy of the Fire element regulates the heart, our interpersonal relationships and intimacy with life, the movement of emotional wellbeing, and most importantly, Fire is consciousness itself, or Spirit. […]

$30.00 – $40.00

Sacred Music Concert with Tibetan Monks of Drepung Gomang Monastery

Tibetan Buddhist Monks of Drepung Gomang Monastery Devi 2000 Call and Response Soul Chanting Jahn "Illuminati" Congo Conscious Spirit Hip Hop.   Join Devi 2000 with our Friends the Tibetan Monks for an evening of meditation and song, celebration and reverence. Featuring Tibetan chanting by the Monks of Drepung Gomang Monastery, we will share in […]

Women’s Earth Element Healing Event

Heartwood Center 1818 Dempster St, Evanston, IL, United States

We invite you to join us for an Earth Element meditation and embodiment practice lead by Katarina, sound healing with Venus Laurel, tea meditation sponsored by Living Tea guided by Katarina, an array of healing arts practitioners, and nourishing connection with our sacred sisterhood!   We embody each of the elements as they express through […]

Intro to Zen Shiatsu: Healing Touch for Self & Others

Namaskar Yoga 3946 N. Southport, Chicago

  Discover a new way to experience being in your body and offering care to another. The power of healing is right in your own hands. In this workshop, learn the very foundations of healing, therapeutic touch for Self and Others through Zen Shiatsu, a form of Asian Bodywork Therapy. This workshop is beginner-friendly and […]

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