Shiatsu Self-Care Workshop

Shiatsu Self-Care Workshop
Shiatsu Self-Care Day-Long Immersion
Sunday, July 7th 10am-5pm
Chicago Oneness Center
4003 N. Broadway, Chicago

Immerse yourself in practice and learn new ways to nourish the Spirit, enliven the Body, and awaken the Mind through Zen Shiatsu, the Japanese bodywork therapy that works with the natural movement of Life. This day-long workshop is available for anyone with an interest in their whole health and spontaneous healing, for beginners and experienced practitioners alike. Through hands-on practice on ourselves, with a partner, and in groups we’ll explore each of the 5 Elements as they live, breathe and express within us and all of nature. We’ll access the spaces that seek cultivation, while relaxing and releasing the dynamics that cause stress or discomfort, finding greater ease and balance on all levels.

Throughout the workshop, we’ll be working on building our skills in using Shiatsu principles and touch as a self-care remedy and daily practice. You’ll learn profoundly simple and effective tools for treating yourself or another with Shiatsu. With guided meditations, playful group exercises, and Meridian-specific work, you will refine your awareness of the energetic, emotional, psychological, and physical qualities of the Elements. Bring a notebook, your favorite pillow or blanket if you’d like, and be prepared to move freely, relax deeply, and enjoy the Shiatsu glow.

About Tapasya Katarina Stanisavljevic:

Tapasya has been a Certified Practitioner of Zen Shiatsu since 2010 and taught in the training program at Zen Shiatsu Chicago for 3 years, as well as numerous workshops throughout Chicago, India and Bali. She is passionate about living a life of service, creatively and with heart. Since she first began practicing Shiatsu, Tapasya has successfully treated hundreds of clients for pain, chronic stress-related conditions, and a range of health issues. In 2017 she completed the only Postgraduate Clinical Shiatsu Studies program in the country. Every year since 2012, Tapasya has gone on retreat and volunteered in India with the humanitarian and spiritual teacher, Amma. Her love of the healing arts and creative arts meet in her work as an actor that has taken her to the big screen in several short films and commercials. Tapasya currently sees clients at her office in Boulder, Colorado, and continues to train and study with teachers throughout the world.