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What Brings You Alive?

You are here to realize your infinite potential and to live your fullest, most vibrant expression of self. On this journey of Becoming we are met with challenges- everything that gets in the way of the beautiful experience of Being in life as love, free, happy, and clear. It is my passion is to guide you through transformation and help you find what you need to make your life simpler and stress-free. I love working One-on-One and thrive off of the profound openings I facilitate with clients. Whether you are looking for guidance on creating a healthier lifestyle, want to break through roadblocks to your own personal success, or are really interested in going deep to move beyond limiting beliefs that keep you stuck in old, unproductive patterns and are ready to go into the next phase of your awakened journey, I can help you meet your goals.

I have been on the spiritual path since I was a child and formally began studying healing work in 2009. Along the way, I have learned countless tools that support people through processes of healing and self-discovery. It bring me alive to share this with the world and I am excited to offer these tools, along with all of the secrets and insight that I have learned, to you through individual coaching sessions.


The clients I coach come from a wide range of backgrounds, though have a three specific things in common:

1) You are willing to look honestly within yourself

2) You are ready to release old patterns, open new pathways of possibility and create options to expand your growth potential

) You want to know unconditional well-being, greater freedom and inner peace

Coaching is right for you if…

-You want to improve your relationships, health, and success in work

-You have stress and want to find and implement ways to live stress-free

-You recognize patterns of negativity or pain and have not been able to move beyond them

-You have reoccurring blockages in your creativity and want to experience more creative freedom

-You are frequently feeling tired or confused and want to get clear


Start with where you are. This is where all of Life unfolds. My life-long journey through self-discovery and work in the field of holistic healing and teaching has given me the skills and expertise to support you through your own process so that you can continue evolving with ease and grace through every hurdle you may encounter within yourself and in the world. During coaching sessions, we work together to help you discover a life that feels fulfilled and rewarding now.

Individual Coaching sessions are valued at $95/hr and are offered anywhere in the world through online video meetings. Contact me for a free consultation to find out if coaching is a good fit for you.


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