Bodywork for Transformation and Awakening – Continuing Education Workshop

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Bodywork for Transformation and Awakening

A One-Day Workshop
6 CEs
October 21
Monday, 9am-4pm
Taught by Katarina Stanisavljevic
at Zen Shiatsu Chicago, 825 Chicago Ave in Evanston, IL

As therapists, bodyworkers and healers we play a critical role in the lives of those who come to us. We contact far more than the physical body and have the potential to work from an expansive source of power that can transform lives. When we listen with greater awareness, connect to the heart and move from the spirit, we have the ability to inspire deep healing and awaken one another to our true nature. Through guided meditation and awareness practices, we will start to shift our perception to allow in a clearer and more direct experience with what is most True, our essential unity with our clients and furthermore with all of existence. No matter what kind of healing modality you practice, you will benefit from developing your intuitive awareness and allowing a deeper knowing to guide your work.

To Register:

Bodywork for Transformation and Awakening – 6 CEs : $120

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