Why Shiatsu?

Why Shiatsu?

Zen Shiatsu is both

a meditation

and a medicine.

As a practice, Zen Shiatsu facilitates the natural movement of health, balance, and complete wellbeing. Those who receive Zen Shiatsu go into a deeply meditative state in which healing spontaneously occurs through effortless awareness. With mindful touch on specific access points within the meridian channels of the body, gentle movement, guided breathwork and inner cultivation practices, the Receiver shifts into a natural harmonization with their original nature, a clear sense of being. Patterns of pain, illness, imbalance and disharmony are relieved and space is created for health to restore. The energetic reserves are replenished. Life is nourished and whole.


It is in the simplicity, efficiency, and relaxed open awareness that Zen Shiatsu practice unfolds. 


The approach is anti-pathogenic. That means we don’t focus so much on what is wrong, what hurts, or what the disease or problem is. That is important to be aware of, but instead of treating the symptoms, we return to the root and work with the constant processes of harmonization that are always taking place within the body and within nature. During treatment we focus on what positive movement of natural organization and clarity of mind is already happening to restore health. This is the innate healing response that creates the optimization of physical functioning and luminous embodiment of Spirit in form.


In short, Zen Shiatsu is allowing what is most natural, with skill and grace.