Weekly Archana Chanting Class

Weekly Archana Chanting Class

Come for this sacred practice to clear the mind and shift your awareness.

One thousand different mantras are chanted by Tapasya while participants listen and respond with the same mantra each time, honoring the divine Shakti power within and cleansing the energetic body. Let the vibration of these purifying mantras wash through you.

The Archana translates to ‘honoring’. For about an hour, the ancient and sacred Sri Lalita Sahasranama (The Thousand Names of the Divine Mother) is chanted. This compilation of 1,000 different Sanskrit mantras in metered verse describes the characteristics and qualities of the divine within you and all things. It’s a powerful practice that cleanses the energetic field and opens the heart. You don’t have to know the mantras to do it. When doing this practice, we do it as a call-and-response where Tapasya leads the group in chanting the different names and participants reply with the same response each time, a deep remembrance and awakening of the Divine.

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