Weaving the Dream

New Moon Dreamwork Webinar

Sunday, February 23rd, 2020. 10am-11:30am CST. $20


Dear friends and clients,

I’m happy to announce that I’m currently offering a monthly New Moon Dreamwork Webinar series for any and all dreamers interested in exploring and deepening connection and understanding of our dreams. My intention in creating this group is to bring together a community conversation around dreams and cultivate a deeper connection with them. As your facilitator, I’m here to support your intuitive knowing, help you understand your unique dream symbology with time-tested dreamwork methods, and to hold space for the safe and sacred container of this group to bring forth the wisdom, truth, and beauty of our collective dreams.

“Dreams are the wishes of the soul” -Iroquois saying

We are physically asleep for 1/3 of our entire lives and a lot happens during that time. Some say that dreams are the language of the Soul. Dreamwork has been practiced in Shamanic and religious traditions around the world as a form of divination, soul-work and healing, and consultation for matters of the spirit for everyone from villagers to royalty throughout time. This basis for this Dream Group is not in any one school of thought, however is influenced by many forms of Dreamwork including Native American and indigenous practices, Tibetan Dream Yoga, and a combination of my own processes of working with dreams through inquiry, dream re-entry, creating art from your dreams, dream theater, and gestalt dreamwork, just to name a few.

Dreams can be messengers that carry great meaning and guidance for our life. Let’s discuss, explore and work with this mysterious realm of dreams together!


Our time together was such a beautiful moment to connect with one another and with the possibility of finding deeper self-awareness within, bringing light to the unconscious.

We began our meeting with a Spacial-Awareness Meditation to relax and tune in, then discussed:

Clarity Dreams – dreams that offer clear guidance or teaching

Healing Dreams – dreams that help heal, on physical, mental, emotional or soul and spiritual levels

Karma Dreams – the organization and resolution of effects from past thoughts, feelings and actions

Precognitive Dreams – dreams that show a potential future possibility

At the end we used a Lightning Dreamwork technique with a dream shared by a volunteer. It was an illuminating and eye-opening experience to work with the dream!



When I was about 20 years old I lived in an intentional community in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. There, in the community of dedicated meditators and people living close to the earth in natural ways, I learned the art of Dreamwork. Though I had been writing my dreams and lucid dreaming for years before that as an adolescent and young adult, I never understood what was possible in working with my dreams until living in that community. Dreams became a window into the soul and a path for greater self-realization, discovery, understanding and community connection. I went on to host dream groups at home and in a healing center where friends gathered to share their experiences and work with dreams together. Over the years, I’ve been in workshops and spoken with dream expert and author-shaman, Robert Moss. His books are also a great resource for anyone interested in dreamwork.



If your dreams don’t make sense to you or seem like random meaningless stuff…

I find dreams make more sense the more you create a relationship with them and understand their language. It’s your psyche, mind and soul you’re working with and the more you pay attention to your dreams and unravel the symbology, the more you benefit from your dreams in waking life.

If you don’t remember your dreams… 

Start writing your dreams… If you remember just a small fragment of your dream, you can write that down in the morning. Even one word or one sentence can help start the process of memory recall. Also, start with setting the intention at night to remember. Before you go to sleep, just say to yourself, “I’m going to remember my dreams tonight.” and in the morning, write what you remember. The more you practice this, the more vivid your dream memory will be. It’s like training a muscle.

If you already have a vivid and active dream life… 

Awesome! I would love to have you bring that awareness to our group! We can explore more advanced dreamwork like lucid dreaming, identifying precognition and dreaming together.

New Moon Dreamwork Webinar

Sunday, February 23rd, 2020. 10am-11:30am CST. $20



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