Shiatsu is a results-based practice. Together we work to set tangible goals for treatment and check-in frequently to track progress. If you’ve had a good experience with our Shiatsu sessions and would like to share your success story, please email me a few words! I would greatly appreciate it!


I have had the pleasure of working with Tapasya and she is very good at Shiatsu. She has a wonderful way of explaining the healing process that is needed and executes it well! Much love and appreciation for her sharing of her gifts…


I first went to Tapasya a few years ago when I was suffering from burnout at work and had become sick. Starting regular sessions with her brought my body and spirit back into balance, and I feel better now than ever before. Her body work combined with her intuitive healing work helped me release old emotions that were no longer relevant, but were holding me back. She is a kind, strong, caring practitioner. Every session is different because it’s tailored to where you are in that moment. Working with Tapasya has changed my life for the better.”  


Katarina’s work is nurturing, intuitive, and uplifting.  I have received both bodywork and private yoga instruction with her, and I always feel like Katarina really cares and connects with me in a way that feels very real, supportive, and sincere.  I see her on a fairly regular basis for bodywork, and I have already recommended several friends who also see her regularly now.  It also feels like she is constantly improving her craft, and every time I see her it’s better than the last time.  I highly recommend her.”


I have had the pleasure of receiving several Shiatsu treatments from Katarina in the past two years or so. Her compassionate healing presence allows me to completely relax as I feel balance and renewal return to my being. After a session with her, my body feels energized and my mind tranquil with more freedom of movement in my joints and limbs. If you are looking for deep relaxation and internal healing, I strongly recommend Katarina Stanisavljevic.”

-JS, 64

I thoroughly enjoy my time with Katarina.  She seems to know exactly what you need, even without explanation. Highly recommended!”


I have been blessed to have Katarina as a yoga teacher in both private sessions and group classes. Her compassion and open, loving attitude made me so comfortable and really helped me grow in both the physical element of the practice – the asanas – as well as the spiritual. She worked with me to focus on specific poses and areas of the body and also to explore yoga, meditation and pranayama (breathwork) as a source of healing to treat my personal physical and spiritual needs. Her knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine also helped me discover the best poses to treat certain ailments. Her open, kind and positive personality made working with her a real pleasure. I would recommend her to anyone seeking to expand their yoga practice and personalize it to meet their own physical and spiritual needs.”


My pursuit of well-being has been adeptly facilitated by yoga with Katarina. She brings to her practice an in-depth knowledge of her vocation and its application has introduced me to embracing it as a companion to my continued well-being and growth as an intuitive, imaginative human being.  I am grateful to her and for her partaking in my life’s journey.”


I am a licensed physical therapist, former ballet dancer and owner of a wellness and yoga studio.  I’ve always been interested in the benefits of bodywork for physical and emotional healing.  I started receiving Shiatsu treatments from Katarina a few months ago and have been amazed with the results, both immediate and ongoing. Katarina’s treatment style is straightforward, to the point and extremely effective, pin-pointing my specific needs at each session.  She does not hesitate to work deeply in the Shiatsu meridians to really unlock the energy flow.  She has a very intuitive touch and I leave each session feeling renewed and refreshed.”


Visiting Katarina is relaxing, healthy, and stress-free.  She is a good partner in providing the right environment for healing and managing your overall wellness.”


I have always been an active person, having run 18 marathons, ridden my bike across Illinois several times and earned a black belt in Aikido. However, the years are catching up with me. Therapy with Katarina helps me to recover more quickly and soothe sore, tired muscles. This is so important as one gets older. She has also provided me with good advice and stretches I can do on my own to maintain flexibility.”

-LD, 67