Inquiry-Based Bodywork

Looking Within…

Inquiry-Based Bodywork is an integrative approach to the holistic modality of Shiatsu that moves from a foundation of inquiry to discover a freedom and unconditional wellbeing beyond the limitations of the mind and body. This format is intended for individuals who are ready to go deeper and are seeking lasting relief from long-standing conditions. Inquiry-Based Bodywork is effective in treating all levels of physical pain, stress, emotional states, limiting belief systems, clearing thought patterns, and spiritually-related issues.


What Is Inquiry-Based Bodywork?

At the root of all emotional and mental pain, as well as the vast majority of physical conditions, are deeply held thought patterns and beliefs. Your thought patterns and limiting beliefs create contraction within the mind (i.e. unhappiness, discomfort, dissatisfaction, resistance) and contraction within the body that may manifest as anything from bodily tension, aches and pains, to disease states and chronic conditions, as well as the entire array of negative emotions and difficult life experiences. Through a guided inquiry process, we can bring consciousness to the layers of beliefs and thought patterns to untangle the knots that create pain. What is revealed through inquiry has an immediate effect on the entire mind, body and energetic system as a whole. As thought patterns and beliefs are seen through and released through inquiry, you begin to feel lighter and happier as a result. Your body immediately responds and begins to reorganize into a new, more harmonious state, which heals physical pain and chronic conditions. As you change from within, your world changes.

Please note that inquiry is not psychotherapy, nor is it a substitute for therapy. Inquiry is a meditative process and tool that allows us to look within ourselves to find what is true and discover a freedom beyond struggle.


Who is Inquiry-Based Bodywork for?

Inquiry-Based Bodywork is intended for anyone suffering from chronic conditions, whether that be physical, mental, emotional or spiritual, and are seeking relief. This work goes beyond the common experience during typical general bodywork treatments and can clear long-standing conditions. Individuals looking to go deeper and who are ready to make a significant shift in their life will find this work beneficial. Conditions addressed may include:

-Depression, anxiety, stress, emotionally intense or fluctuating states

-Reoccuring thought patterns that seem get in the way of forward movement in life, expansion, personal growth and development

-Chronic “mystery” pain, physical conditions that have no apparent cause, and physical symptoms that have not improved through trial of many other treatment modalities and efforts toward healing

-Common aches and pains


How It Works

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We begin each session with 30-minutes of sharing what issues you would like to address, whether that be physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. During this time we will inquire into the nature of these issues and can identity what the underlying causes are. We want to find what is at the heart of the belief or pain in order to open to new avenues of possibility. By distilling our thoughts and questioning the stories we carry, we can find options for changing our perception and total experience of wellbeing.

The discoveries we make through inquiry are then applied to our 60-minute bodywork treatment and inform how we move forward in our work together. Through the inquiry, the body is already primed for deeper integrative work, which continues on the cellular level once issues within the mind, thoughts, and beliefs have found freedom. The bodywork treatment supports the healing response and intelligent reorganization of structures within the entire system, which immediately alleviates pain, restores energy and vitality, can clear chronic conditions, and brings forth overall health.

The most miraculous thing that happens during these sessions is the revelation of discovery and freedom that comes from within you. Through inquiry you glimpse into what your mind creates, question your self, and in the process find greater clarity and health that becomes the ground for establishing harmony throughout life.



Inquiry-Based Bodywork sessions are $125 per 90min session. Three-session packages are available for $345 ($115 per session).