Five Elements Foundations Online Course

Every Sunday for 6-weeks

February 4th – March 11th

2-4pm Central Time (CST)

Invitation to Join the Five Elements Foundations Online Course

The Five Elements are the phenomena of changing energy that permeates all of the manifest world. This model of understanding the movement of the universe is derived from ancient Chinese sages who observed the way of nature and the processes that continuously change. By learning about the Five Elements, you will have a whole new understanding of your self and the world around you. Learn to see patterns in transformation and discover ways to bring your life into greater balance through knowledge of the Five Elements.

In this 6-week Online Class, we will meet live online every week to discuss each of the Five Elements, their essential qualities in nature and in oneself. You will gain the theory and knowledge of the natural expression of each Element,  it’s constitutional type that can be seen through your personality and thought processes, associations with season, diet, physical attributes, color, mood and emotion, and how each of the elements creates and keeps in balance one another. You will learn how to come into right harmony the elements, and I will offer examples of the healthy embodiment of each element, as well as discussing common problems for each element. Every class will be a moment of self-discovery and a chance for you to know yourself better.

This class is open to all with an interest, and no prerequisite training or education is required. Those new to Chinese Medicine and the Five Elements will discover a fresh perspective on life and a fascinating way to view the world and it’s many changes. Professionals, you will find your understanding of the subtler interplay of the phases deepen and inform your practice. I encourage all with a calling to this work to join the course. You’ll be surprised by what you  discover!


Learning Goals:

    • Learn the foundations of Five Element Theory as understood through Traditional Chinese Medicine

    • Identify the essential qualities of the Five Elements, how they appear in nature, and within the human experience in personality and healthy embodiment

    • Experience the Elements through guided meditations

    • Learn ways to maintain balance in life with knowledge of the Elements and simple practices

    • Receive handouts and inquiry worksheets to reflect on the material and develop your awareness of the Elements in your own time

    • Participate in a live Q & A with Tapasya to address your specific health questions and look deeper into the Five Elements



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