Distance Healing Sessions from India

Distance Healing Sessions from India

Dear Friends,

I am excited beyond measure to announce that I will be in India again from December 15th to January 27th to be in my spiritual home, the ashram of Amritanandamayi Ma, the saint lovingly known as Amma. It is there that I will be seeped in the pure meditative atmosphere conducive to continuing the healing work I offer to you from a distance.

Throughout the years, time spent closely with Amma and in Her ashram has served to accelerate my own self-realization, which in turn has greatly enhanced the effectiveness of my Shiatsu practice. Clients see remarkable things happen. I rest in the knowing that as my own healing and realization dawns, so too does healing and realization awaken within all beings on Earth. I see the effects of my own inner work immediately reflected in the positive results that clients experience. Because of this, I dedicate this journey to you, so that we may share in knowing peace, Love, and true happiness in unity.

In addition to volunteering Shiatsu treatments during my 40-days in India, I will be accepting a limited number of clients for online Distance Healing sessions via Skype. The energetics of Qi are not confined by the limits of time and space and can remotely produce many of the same benefits as in-person Shiatsu. These sessions will be of interest to clients who experience stress, emotional fluctuations, and any other psychological / spiritual patterns or concerns and are seeking to continue evolving in their healing process. Many physical conditions may also be relieved energetically through this process as well. Sessions last 30-45 minutes and can be pre-purchased through Paypal via the button link bellow.

Feel free to email me with any questions or to find out if Distance Healing sessions are right for you. I look forward to sharing with you!

With Great Love!



Distance Healing Sessions – $45


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