Cultivating the Elements

Cultivating the Elements

One of my students in our Five Elements Foundations class asked me for suggestions they could make to clients in their healing practice to cultivate each of the Five Elements. Here is the most generalized, super simple list of suggestions that anyone can do. Maybe in the future I’ll share something more comprehensive beyond these essential practical activities… Each person is unique, so as a general rule of thumb, just do what feels right.


Practical activities and actions to take in your everyday life to cultivate the Five Elements


Do improv theater. Socialize. Connect with friends. Play sports. Go to a celebration. Dance. Make music. Be spontaneous. Be yourself. Have fun.


Be in community. Host a gathering. Care for your body and diet. Support a service project. Feed people. Garden. Do what is nourishing. Be satisfied.


Organize the office. Feng shui your home. Clean out a closet. Refine your tastes, skills, and opinions. Do cardio or Breathwork. Appreciate everything.


Meditate. Practice stillness. Have quiet alone time. Journal. Reflect. Introspect. Do Yin Yoga, Qi Gong, or Tai Chi. Stay hydrated. Go deep within.


Dream. Make plans. Set goals. Take action. Get involved in an activist cause. Stretch and strengthen. Be confident. Practice benevolence. Make good decisions.