Light Touch Images Photography

Light Touch Images Photography

I keep my eye on what is essential, dynamic and alive, and aim to show the radiance of you, in natural environments and organic moments. Let your story be told with timeless images.

Share the love of family, your unique personality for work or creative projects, and any special moment you want to remember with a personalized photography session… Portraits, events and everyday simplicity inspires the images you see here. If you’re feeling inspired, schedule a session and let’s capture the magic.


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I’ve been a photographer all my life. As a girl I was fascinated with old family photos and loved the mystery visual art awoke within me. At the age of 10, I began taking pictures of everything beautiful and meaningful to remember, knowing that one day a future self will appreciate looking back on these memories, brief expressions of joy, light and time preserved and recorded in an image. Photography is more than memories though. It is a way to observe, inspire and capture timeless moments. In my early college years at art school, I studied photography and found that photographing and filming organic, documentary-style images came most naturally to me. It’s this spontaneous joy that I would like to share with you in the photos we create.

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