Inquiry-Based Bodywork – A One-Day Workshop

March 19th
Monday 9am-4pm
Zen Shiatsu Chicago, Evanston
6 CE credits


Inquiry-Based Bodywork is an integrative approach to Shiatsu that moves from a foundation of inquiry to discover freedom and unconditional wellbeing beyond the limitations of the mind and body. In this approach, we dive into a space that is free in and of itself. By adding a guided inquiry process to our bodywork technique, we can bring consciousness to layers of beliefs and thought patterns that may be perpetuating tension in our mind and tissues. The body immediately responds and begins to reorganize into a more harmonious state, which provides the ideal space for spontaneous healing. Practitioners of any discipline are welcome.



Five Element Expressive Embodiment – A One-Day Workshop

March 23rd
Friday 9am-4pm
Zen Shiatsu Chicago, Evanston, IL
6 CE credits


In this lively, dynamic workshop, participants will learn the natural movements signified by the Five Elements, and will experience them through embodiment exercises and theatrical improv games, discovering how these elements express through all of life. A therapist can reach a client only as deeply as they have reached within themselves. This workshop takes you to the places within yourself you haven’t yet accessed and gives you the space to playfully explore what has yet been untouched within to embody more of yourself with greater freedom and to model that freedom for your clients’ benefit.





Beginning Zen Shiatsu

Zen Shiatsu Chicago – Click here for more info

Spring 5-Day Intensive: May 15-19, Monday-Friday 10am-5pm

Summer 10-Week Course: June 22 – August 24, Thursdays 11am2pm

Winter 5-Day Intensive: December 11-15, Monday-Friday 10am-5pm


Zen Shiatsu – Level II

(prerequisite completion of Beginning Zen Shiatsu)

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Summer 10-Week Course: June 21 – August 23, Wednesdays 11am2pm