I’ve always had a curiosity and leaning toward the healing arts, creative expressions and the pathways of spirituality. After taking time to immerse myself in meditation and self-exploration, I embarked on my professional career as Clinical Shiatsu Therapist certified by the AOBTA, by beginning studies at Zen Shiatsu Chicago, the midwest’s lead school for specialty Shiatsu studies, in 2009. It was there that I continued to grow into a thriving yoga practice, buddhist studies, Reiki and eventually opened my own studio space in the heart of Chicago’s Wicker Park neighborhood.

It wasn’t long before I realized my vigor to help people find wellness and my enthusiasm for educating clients in the ways of health and healing had lead me to teaching in the comprehensive national certification program at Zen Shiatsu Chicago in 2013. To deepen my practice and develop as a practitioner I’ve completed a Shiatsu Post-Graduate Studies program and continue with on-going Daoist studies. The possibilities for growth and expansion are truly endless!

A big part of my life has been my yearly travels to India to be with the world-renowned humanitarian and spiritual figure, Amma, lovingly¬†known as “The Hugging Saint”. Every winter I volunteer my Shiatsu services in the wellness clinic at Amma’s ashram in south India, travel with Her to sacred temples and get to delve deep into my meditation practice during this extended spiritual pilgrimage. It’s such a joy to have this opportunity and always a time of transformation and evolution that I bring with me into the treatment room to share the benefits of my practice with clients.

I love helping people in the ways that I can and am looking forward to offering my expertise, experience and Shiatsu services to you on your unique path!


With Love,


(Katarina Stanisavljevic)

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  • Hi Kristina,
    Good to talk with you today! I offer in-home treatment and treatment at the Zen Shiatsu Chicago clinic in Evanston. I’m generally available Monday through Saturday. We can find a specific days and times over the phone, and you’ll always get a confirmation email with more details for the appointments we schedule.

    Looking forward to meeting you!

  • Where are you located and what is your availability in the next few weeks? Thanks! Kristina

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