About Tapasya Katarina

Tapasya (Katarina Stanisavljevic, CP) is devoted to the healing and radiant health of all beings. She is blessed to have spent the last 10 years in self-study, deepening spiritual practices and healing modalities. With a profound desire to share the healing and freedom she has discovered in her own life, Tapasya offers work professionally as Certified Shiatsu Practitioner  in her private practice, distance healing sessions, classes taught, workshops, and in volunteer service. Compassion, sharp awareness and intuitive understanding hold space in sessions and classes, offering receivers and students the guidance, as well as freedom, needed in order to find healing and truth from within themselves.

Tapasya learned of Zen Shiatsu in 2009 while on a meditation retreat during a time of self-discovery and transformational growth. As a way to deepen her own understanding of herself and transform her own life, she felt called to study Shiatsu at Zen Shiatsu Chicago. It was there that the foundation was laid for an ever-expanding healing practice based on the knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine and it’s translation to Western medicine, presence in the moment, sensitivity to energy, intuitive development and interpersonal connection.

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The healing sessions Tapasya offers are an expression of the continuing evolution of her spiritual journey, which include yoga, meditation, Reiki, mantra, chanting, devotional song, and understanding dreams as the language of the soul.

She is forever grateful for the Grace that has lead her to her guiding Light, the Beloved “Hugging” Saint, Amma, the Divine Mother, the Embodiment of Truth, and the world renowned humanitarian leader, whom Tapasya has the gift of visiting in South India yearly and has spent extensive time with, both in India and in the United States. Tapasya humbly surrenders herself to the Lotus Feet of Amma and asks that she be an instrument of Her Love.

Tapasya offers a deep bow of gratitude to her teachers and guides, who appear throughout her life as her friends, family, colleagues, synchronicities, dream teachings, the flow of Grace, the movement of life’s rhythms, the music of all of nature. She honors these enlightening beacons of wisdom and gives much thanks to: Adyashanti, S.N. Goenka (Vipassana Meditation), Mooji, Ramana Maharshi, Ram Dass, Yogi Bhajan (Kundalini Yoga), Byron Katie, Eckhart Tolle and the many more teachers who serve as catalysts for awakening.



Studies and Training

2010 – Zen Shiatsu Chicago, Certified Practitioner

2011 – Zen Shiatsu Chicago, Adjunct Massage Diploma training

2011 – Dreamwork studies with Robert Moss

2012 – Reiki Level 1 atunement with Ryan Lee

2013 – Laughter Yoga Certification, India, with Ambujam Lakshmi Keys

2013 – Zen Shiatsu Chicago, Instructor training

2017 – Zen Shiatsu Chicago, Post Graduate Shiatsu Studies Program

2017 – Ongoing Daoist Studies with Scott Park Philips