2020 at a Glance

I’m currently teaching Yoga & Meditation to the youth of Chicago. It’s possible I’ll offer Shiatsu & Chinese Medicine based classes in the future, so be sure to sign up for my mailing list for updates or send me an email if you have a special interest. Thanks!


Five Elements 101 – A Chinese Medicine Overview

Five Elements 101 – A Chinese Medicine Overview

Weekly community classes

Every Saturday, 10am-11am CST

The 5 Elements of Chinese Medicine – Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, and Wood – can be seen and felt in our own bodies and throughout all of nature. In this fun and interactive 5 week course, participants will have an opportunity to get to know each of the 5 Elements of Chinese Medicine. Each week we’ll dip our toes in, exploring each element’s associated emotion, season, color, personality, and energetic expression. These classes are meant for the general public and people of all levels of practice- that means you, curious friend, client and anyone interested in learning more! It will be primarily lecture and Q&A based, though I can give suggestions for simple embodiment practices if there is interest, and if there is a wish for going deeper we can explore those in a future series.

Drop-Ins Welcome

4/4, 4/11, 4/18, 4/25, 5/2

$10 / class






New Moon Dreamwork Webinars

Sunday, April 19th 10am-11am CST. $20

On this New Moon, learn and explore the art of Dreamwork. We all dream and we all can tap into our dreams for insights into life’s questions, guidance, and inner knowledge. The New Moon is a fertile time to go within, dive into the realms of the subconscious, plant the seeds for your inner journey, and allow your work with Dreams to bring forward the blessings for your life.

Modern psychologist Carl Jung suggested dreams weave layers of our subconscious mind together and when we tune into our dreams and turn toward their messages, we can reveal the nature of our soul’s path and find guidance in everyday living, decision making, problem solving and healing.

In this 2hr webinar, you’ll gain valuable tools for accessing the inherent wisdom within your dreams with time-tested dreamwork methods and approaches.

Can’t remember your dreams but wish you could? Rest assured. We’ll discuss simple everyday things you can do to strengthen your dream memory recall. And if you are already an active dreamer, I’ll share with you how to improve the vividness of your dreams and improve lucidity. Each month we will build on skills introduced in the previous month and have time to share memorable Dream moments.

Click here for more about the Dreamwork Webinar



2020 Tulum Retreat

September 13-20th

8 Days and 7 Nights to enjoy the beauty, nature, arts and culture of Tulum, Mexico

You’re invited for a mindfully curated journey through the heart of Tulum. Only a 3 hr flight south of Chicago, skip the jet-lag and enjoy the warmth, spirit and culture of Mexico. Tulum is a travel destination to immerse your senses in the natural beauty of the jungle and ocean, relax and restore with daily tea sittings, dreamwork, and yoga, and discover new worlds within the vibrant local Latino and international food, arts and music.

Accommodations are held near downtown Tulum in the modern Villa Flamingo retreat house. Enjoy a relaxing dip in the pool, visit the beach, or jump on an excursion to swim in the sacred waters of the Cenotes or explore the ancient Mayan ruins at the ocean. Guests will have options to enjoy a restful, quiet retreat experience or join in any of the fun activities throughout the area.

Arrive on Sunday, September 13th anytime before our Opening Circle at 7pm. All are invited to join for a pre-retreat free day on Saturday, September 14th if you choose to fly in early to settle in. The Pre-Retreat day can be found as an Add-On at registration when booking your room.

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